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Soviet soldiers examine war trophies captured in battles with invading Germans during “Operation Barbarossa”, 19 September 1941.
22 Jul 40: The Special Operations Executive (SOE) is created by the British to conduct warfare by means other than direct military engagement. SOE’s mission is to encourage and facilitate espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines and to serve as the core of the Auxiliary Units, a British resistance movement. SOE will develop a wide range of equipment for clandestine use, such as silenced pistols, mini-submarines and folding motorbikes.

Photo: The ingenious folding “Welbike,” cooked up by the SOE.
A G.I. takes his pick from a mountain of captured Japanese swords

North Vietnamese troops on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos, photographed by a hidden SOG recon team
General Douglas MacArthur looking at bodies of Japanese soldiers killed hours before during the fight to take Bataan and liberate the Philippines from Japanese occupation.
Location: Bataan, Philippine Islands 
Date taken: February 16, 1945