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Private John A. Mineconzo of the 89th I.D., 354th Regiment shows off his captured German HJ knife.

(Jim Oliveri collection)
Warning sign for the M.L.R. (Main Line of Resistance).
A mine tunnel is dug under the German lines on the Vosges front, on October 19, 1916. The sappers worked at a depth of about 17 meters, until they reached a spot below enemy positions, when large explosives would be placed and later detonated, destroying anything above. 

(Der Weltkrieg im Bild/Upper Austrian Federal State Library)
Hitler poses for a picture in Berlin along with a young boy from the Hitler Youth units after the conquest of Poland

This picture was regarded as one of the most haunting and hypnotizing image of Hitler
Vickers machine gun crew of the British 1st Manchester Regiment, Malaya, 17 Oct 1941